You may have arrived here out of curiosity (what IS Therapeutic Image Consulting and how can it benefit me?) or because you are feeling that very desire to change something. Whatever brought you here, I encourage you to follow your curiosity and enjoy the exploration.

What we wear and how we wear it is a powerful outlet for self-expression. It’s more than just a fashion statement; it’s a reflection of ourselves. When you feel comfortable and powerful in what you wear, you feel comfortable and powerful in everything you do.

Are you ready to reflect a more positive internal and external presence?

Marisol Colette is a Personal Stylist and Psychotherapist who has married her expertise in fashion and personal identity with her decade-plus long career working and teaching in the field of trauma healing. Marisol engages clients from the heart, helping them refine their image to create life-changing results. 

Marisol believes that feeling comfortable and powerful in what you wear leads to feeling comfortable and powerful in everything you do. In one-on-one and group programs, clients find their authentic personal style through writing, personal sessions, closet transformations and therapeutic shopping outings.


By looking and feeling good, clients gain the courage to shine their inner beauty on the outside, showing up in the world in new and notable ways. Marisol’s background as a therapist allows her to bring a level of consciousness that is not incorporated in traditional styling, ultimately helping align your style to your soul.